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Their side has been heard over and over on television, radio and print. The average person who would see, hear and read about their story would indeed feel for them completely, and have nothing but anger and hatred for the other party. I’ve read her blog from her BlogSpot, and they sure sounded like the aggravated party on her blog.

I am posting the incident that happened at the south course of Valley Golf and Country Club that fateful day of December 26, 2008 between the families of Pangandaman and dela Paz. But this is not Delfin’s and his children’s side; I am retelling the details of the incident here on behalf of the Pangandamans.

On December 26, 2008, Friday, at around eleven in the morning, the group of Secretary Nasser Pangandaman registered at the Valley Golf Country Club to play golf. Since there were eight of them playing, they divided into two flights, with the Secretary and his companions on the first flight, and Hussein, Nasser JR and two others on the second. In golf terms, a flight is a division of players within a golf tournament or game. Angelo Pangandaman, Hussein’s eight year old son tagged along with the second flight (Nasser Jr’s), since no one would be able to watch him at the clubhouse.

Nasser Jr and his friend, Farah Locsin arrived late at the golf course and followed their flightmates at Hole No. 4 of the South Course of Valley. It was a convoy of two golf carts, one of which was Nasser Jr’s and the second was the golf marshal’s who was escorting them and the caddies. Here, Bambee narrated in her blog: “My brother and I were playing golf at the South Course of Valley. We were on the 3rd hole, and we see two golf carts going past us, overtaking our flight, and setting up to tee off on the next hole. My dad goes up to them and asks them why they would do that, why they would overtake us without even asking for our permission.” Mr. Delfin dela Paz reacted by protesting at what seemed to be an overtaking of flight, in which Nasser Jr explained to the elder dela Paz that they did not overtook their flight but simply tried to catch up with their flightmates at Hole No. 4. He further explained that they, like the dela Paz’s had earlier lined up to play and were already registered at the flight before theirs. Thinking that things had been cleared up, Mr. dela Paz said, “Okay, kortesiya lang” (”Okay, just seeking courtesy“) .

When the 2nd flight of Nasser Jr. already played hole no. 4 which is a par 3, and Nasser Jr. was still outside of the green trying to pitch his ball into the green, the flight of dela Paz hit their shots into the green which almost hit Hussein without shouting “Fore!”. In golf terms, “fore” is a word of warning yelled out by a player who has hit an errant shot. If your shot is in danger of hitting or landing very close to another player or group of players on the course (for instance, if you slice a ball into an adjoining fairway), you should yell “fore!” to warn players to watch out. Surprised, though sensing trouble which they deemed to choose to avoid, they allowed the other dela Paz player to hit his shot so they can peacefully resume and concentrate on their playing. At this point, the caddy of Nasser Jr also took the 8 year-old Angelo to stay behind the golf cart to avoid being hit by golf balls coming from the dela Paz players.

On Hole No. 5, after the 2nd Pangandaman flight hit their drives into the fairway and before they could hit their second shots, the dela Paz players again hit their drives without warning the Pangandamans. Puzzed and surprised, they asked among themselves why the flight behind them were doing this to them as they could be hit by their (dela Paz’s) golf balls. When Nasser Jr’s flight reached the green of Hole No. 5 and after holing out, they joined the 1st flight of Sec. Pangandaman and took their break at the teehouse. During their break, the marshal approached Nasser Jr, stating that the dela Paz’s were complaining that there were five of them in their group and why they overtook the dela Paz flight. Nasser Jr. reiterated to the marshal what he had already explained to the elder del Paz, to which his knowledge the former had already accepted his explanation. Unconvinced with what the marshal had relayed that there were only four and not five in their flight and that they did not overtake as they just went back to the clubhouse and later join their flight, the elder dela Paz approached Nasser Jr, obviously agitated at this time and pointed a finger at him and accusing him that there were two carts in their flight and that they (Nasser Jr) overtook them. This confused the younger Pangandaman, as he had already explained back at Hole No. 4 that they did not do so. He asked in a most respectful manner that he thought that they already had an understanding. Mr. dela Paz at the top of his voice accused him that Nasser Jr was wrong and began shouting profane words at the younger Pangandaman, saying, “P***** i** ka! Member ka ba dito, ha? Hindi mo ba ako kilala?” (”S.O.B! Are you even a member here? Don’t you know who I am?!”) In a calm voice and without revealing that he is the Mayor of Masiu, Lanao del Sur, Nasser Jr respectfully asked Mr. dela Paz why he was raising his voice at him when they were not arguing. The elder dela Paz reacted “Ikaw ang naghahanap ng away!”(”You’re the one looking for a fight!”), while pulling his umbrella and thrusted the pointed part and hit the belly of Nasser Jr, who backed up. This incident happened in front of the marshal who tried to interevene, but Mr. Delfin dela Paz pressed on, thus prompting Nasser Jr’s older brother Hussein, to come to his brother’s defense. Mr. dela Paz hit Hussein on the forehead and the two engaged in a fist fight.

Meanwhile, Nasser Jr., tried to prevent the two younger dela Paz from joining the fight but they got away from him and went in between their father and Hussein. The dela Paz siblings were able to hold Hussein preventing him to reach the elder dela Paz as if trying to pacify the two. Yet, Bino Lorenzo dela Paz kept punching Hussein in the face and Marie Dhel dela Paz from behind kept on scratching his face. At one point Mr. Delfin dela Paz even got a golf club driver and tried to hit Husseinbut Mr. Rene Maglanque was able to pry the club away from him. When Hussein turned his back on the elder dela Paz, Bino then got a golf club and tried to attack Hussein, but Nasser Jr was able to block Bino with his left arm, but hit his left hand. Sec. Pangandaman, Rene Maglanque, and another golfer from a different flight pacified everybody and asked the dela Paz’s to just leave them to prevent further trouble. Mr. Delfin dela Paz called someone in his cellphone and gave orders to come to the clubhouse because they’ve just had a fight with someone.

The dela Paz’s then left the golf course. Losing interest in the game as it was spoiled by the fight, both Sec. Pangandaman’s and Nasser Jr’s flights also returned to the clubhouse after about ten minutes. Hussein, attaining a bump on the forehead due to a punch by Mr. Delfin dela Paz and scratches on the face and neck, hurried to the men’s locker room to relieve himself and wash his wounds from the scuffle. But Mr. Delfin dela Paz blocked his path to the locker room and told him in a threatening voice that it wasn’t over between them and that he’ll take revenge. Hussein, obviously still angry from the brawl that ensued at the golf course asked why they still hadn’t left yet, when Bino again, pleaded not to hurt his fifty-six year old father, and him who’s fourteen, but with fists ready to punch. The Secretary’s elder son was engaged in another scuffle with the father and son followed by Marie Dhel, who came from behind Hussein, scratching him on his right cheek, neck, ear, while pulling and tearing his shirt.

The security and other golfers in the clubhouse who witnessed the encounter separated them, and as soon as that happened, Mr. dela Paz again shouted invectives at Hussein. Around this time, a loud commotion was heard by the entrance; it was Mrs. dela Paz and her two sons. The sons had with them baseball bats, and Mrs. dela Paz, in a house dress (duster), had with her a bladed weapon, all three looking as if ready to assault. The other golfers and security held them off so as to completely stop the fight. At this point, Sec. Pangandaman told his sons to leave already and the dela Paz’s to stop and leave, so that no more untoward incident would happen. The Pangandaman’s party had to leave through the parking exit because the dela Paz family was waiting for them at the clubhouse lobby.

I’m pretty sure that most, if not everyone, has already read the blog that Bambee dela Paz posted on her blog page. And I’m pretty sure that most, if not everyone totally sympathizes with the dela Paz family regarding the mauling incident allegedly initiated by the Pangandamans. But may I ask, before those hurtful comments were hurled at the DAR Secretary, the mayor of Masiu, Lanao del Sur, the rest of their family, and Muslims as a whole, did the people even bother for just a second to think what the other side had to say? Did they even bother getting information from the Pangandaman’s camp after reading Bambee dela Paz’s blog? I BET THEY DID NOT.

I just have a couple of more questions. If Mr. dela Paz and his children have been playing golf for such a long time now, then they should know their golf etiquette by heart now. If they are professional players, then why did they hit their drives WITHOUT giving any warning to the flight before them? Isn’t it a given to golfers to shout “Fore!” to players who may be potentially hit by the ball since they are in the way of it? Could they have forgotten to warn them TWICE?

Weren’t they supposed to NOT hit their drives unless the golfers before them are OUT OF THE GREEN?

And since it was a holiday, why did the dela Paz flight pushed to play on the golf course when A FLIGHT OF TWO IS PROHIBITED TO PLAY ON THE COURSE DURING HOLIDAYS as per club regulations? Does that mean they are exempted from the rules and regulations of Valley Golf and Country Club?

How can they claim that their flight was overtaken by Nasser Jr’s when they had registered to play on a flight before the dela Paz’s? Do you think the marshal will even escort Nasser and his friend to the golf course if that was really the case?

Why would Nasser Jr complain to the marshal about the dela Paz’s alleged slow playing as stated on reports when his flight is BEFORE theirs?

Why did Bambee leave out the part of what happened at Holes 4 and 5 and just continued her blog on the teehouse? Could she have forgotten to put in her blog that she was also part of the brawl on the course and hurt the older Pangandaman son? Your nails must be pretty long, Ms Bambee, those cuts dug in deep into Hussein’s skin.

Would Bambee even bother blogging about the incident that took place in Valley Golf had they had a tip-off with some other Christian elitist and not Muslim politicians like the Pangandamans? Would the media and the public pick up the story and show the same volume of sympathy for the dela Paz family if the other party concerned were just average, private Non-Muslim citizens?

Would the public still claim Mr. Delfin dela Paz and his children to be brave and courageous people if they had known that they already have a record of run-ins with other patrons of Valley Golf?

Do you seriously think that a person who works as a public official would actually put his reputation on the line over a game of golf regardless of faith or be for or against the administration?

Why are your statements inconsistent, Mr. dela Paz? Reports from different sources seem to vary. From what I know, a person who has had a traumatic experience has vivid recollections of the events that took place.

Like they said, it all started from a small misunderstanding. Had Mr. dela Paz accepted the explanation given to him by Nasser Jr. back at the course then none of this would have happened. This isn’t a case between an underdog and the powerful and mighty. This is a case between right and wrong. The dela Paz family claim that a lot of people have witnessed what took place. That’s what the Pangandaman family think too. Let those people speak up then! But to make quick judgments and accusations against the Pangandamans, politicians, and even Muslims in general, without enough knowledge and proper basis regarding both sides of the issue is just ridiculous and shows ignorance on your part. I am, just like everyone, am praying for this to be resolved.

The truth WILL prevail. Justice WILL be served.


Unknown said...

Would the media and the public pick up the story and show the same volume of sympathy for the dela Paz family if the other party concerned were just average, private Non-Muslim citizens?

this last statement make me doubt about your blog. this is really a hot issue because it also featured in german blogs

Anonymous said...

You say that dela paz family stared the brawl. does that give pangandaman and their cohorts the right to beat up an old man a kid? Have you seen their bloodied shirts and faces? Have you seen the shoeprint at the back of his 14y/o kid? Ano yon sinipa nya sarili nya? If they are decent and low profile as you say, they would walk away when dela paz poked them and file a complaint. "If Mr. dela Paz and his children have been playing golf for such a long time now, then they should know their golf etiquette by heart now." If pangandaman family have been in (so-called) public service for such a long time now, then they should know that beating up elderly and kids is distasteful, foul, wicked and WRONG.

jouie said...

1. it irks me that pangandamans would ask you to speak on their behalf rather than doing it themselves. for them who do not hide anything and who speak based on truth, their words weigh more than sending an emissary.

2. the issue is no longer on who started it or who brought the bigger stick- the issue is a child was physically abused. in US penal system, convicts with crimes against children are housed separately from the general population or otherwise they will be raped or even killed.

3. the issue of religion should never be raised by you, or you have just become like the ignorant others; stooping into their level is not a great act for a PR lady.

4. my suggestion for you is to advice the pangandamans to have their pictures taken with kids around them or even much better, let them carry a 3-year old kid during the photoshoot, publish them in every major tabloid and broadsheet newspapers with storyline that insinuate their genuine love for children. lastly, get some digital copies so that you can post them on every social networks and blog sites. to argue for them or rewrite what has been written just to raise an alternative view of what transpired is already a lost cause.

ellroy said...

the dela paz side of the story was narrated by one of the kids who was actually there at the time of the event. is that the same in your case? or were you just the designated were told what had happened and you wrote it down as they said it went down. we now have conflicting stories and obviously one has to give... the dela paz story or the one that was told to you to write. it is now almost a week after you wrote your blog. you must have seen all the photos, heard the interviews. do you still think you wrote the truth?

desperateblogger said...

there are always to sides to a story.

pinoys, in general, empathize more to the underdog - the de la paz father and son - according to bambee. having read bambee's blog and the numerous forwarded emails about the same story, i was actually irked. why? i could not reconcile why the "overtaking" incident would result in a fist fight. they were playing golf! -a gentleman's game - no violence and all class. bambee's story was not credible enough for me. there must have been much provocation for a fist fight to ensue.

there are millions of filipinos out there who are more in need of prayers and justice!i feel that she was just using the incident to further her blog traffic and make her "famous".

i guess, you are right when you pointed out that the unfortunate incident would not have been blogged about if the other party was not political. i think the pangandaman's being Muslims has nothing to do with it though.

Bai a Labi said...

Hi! thank you very much for enlightening me. i have read "Bambiatch's" blog first and i spent the whole week thinking if it's true although most of the times, i am totally doubting her side of the just doesn't sound right. i haven't met any of the pangandamans involved but i don't think they are capable of doing those things.

i asked my mom about it and from her i knew we are related to the mayor of masiu, believe it or not, he's like my second or third cousin..and i have no idea. well anyway, i knew it! that Bambiatch modified her story so people will side on her..i hope the media gives justice to the pangandamans. i totally hate anti-muslims!!! may they rot in hell! sorry if i sound very aggressive, i am just super irritated right now.

hunnyjodi said...

To those asking.



exseminarian said...

you said that you are a pangandaman, do you know atty. alim pangamdaman of LTO, butuan city?

A said...

One word, Credibility. That's what matters here, who is more credible? On the other side, a fairly unknown family, on the other, a high profile politician family... What does the fairly unknown family have to gain from all this? Shame? Chaos? How about the high profile politician family? what do they gain from all of this? Publicity. As they say, "All publicity is Good Publicity, even negative publicity".

It doesn't matter who started the fight, the point is, they were politicians, they should've just let it pass, that's what a good leader does, they set a good example... if they left and the Dela Paz' found out that they were who they were they probably would've admired them for not pulling out their guns, so to speak.

And I think that religion has nothing to do with it, if it happened to me, and I was up against another fairly unknown family, I'd still blog about it, but that's just me. :D

Anyway, they should've just left it to the courts, but I guess they wanted to create a controversy which is why they went to the media... Oh well, that's life. I hope everything gets settled and everybody comes out of it happy and reconciled. Talk about wishful thinking...

L Rob Tabin said...

i read this from a different blog site. is this the original site of that entry?

anyway, hunny jodi, thanks as well for airing your side of the story. hirap kasi pag isang side lang ang nagpapaliwanag.

the problem is, if the dela pazes were the ones doing the mauling, and with a baseball bat or a golf club, dapat merong bruises from the incident, and surely their lawyer would have used those bruises as evidence. i do not believe pwede mong salagin ang isang golf club nang hindi ka magkakapasa, unless the dela pazes were pure wimps.

second, how do you explain the injuries suffered by the dela pazes if they were the ones doing the mauling?

i noticed you did not state anything about the "kicks" that the dela pazes (according to bambee) suffered. ano ito? selective recounting?

alam ko mayayaman kayo. both families. kaya nga you can afford to play golf eh. pero comparing the two accounts, yours and bambee's, and add into the mix that public "servants" ang uncle mo (tama ba? uncle mo si jr?) and lolo mo, who do you think will get the side of the disgrunled people?

sorry hunny jodi, your side of the story does not taste well. were you there? were you an eyewitness? if not, then another minus because you are saying "hearsay" accounts.

if you were there, and bambee did say in her account that there was a woman in the pangandaman's entourage, was that woman you? in her account that woman was also in the mix.

sorry hunny jodi, it should have been nasser jr telling this account, not you.

desperateblogger said...

gosh! ang dami ng hits ng site nung kabilang blog!

i've deduced from reading comments on both blogs that there are those who accept the fact that the de la pazes provoked the pangandaman that's why they the argument ended into a fist fight.

there are those who say that even if the pangandaman were provoked they should have kept their cool because they are public officials.

ang plastic ng nagsabi nito! kaya mo kayang mag pa ka cool kung mura-murahin ka na at sundu-sundutin ng payong?

if in the ensuing fist fight, the de la pazes won, then there would have been no issue. but, since the de la pazes lost, big deal! they magnify the fact that they were clobbered by the politicians and their goons!

in all honesty, have anyone seen the 56 yr old dad and 14 yr old son? is the dad feeble and "lolo" looking? does the son looks like he's 14? are their ages plastered in front of their shirts?

other point of view. the de la pazes are the lords and ladies of valley golf club because they live nearby and are constant patrons of the club. i think they were feeling smug and were thinking "hey! this is our territory and i'll show you". the de la pazes should have had the decency to "let it go" too for they were the 1. professional golfers and should be act like one.

2. valley golf is their "home court" and they should have treated the guests more cordially.

no, i do not personally know the pangandamans and the de la pazes. my opinion is based on the blogs and comments that i've read.

the philippine daily idiot said...

hey, thanks for the post! i might be putting a foot in the mouth. i'd give the pangandamans the benefit of the doubt. it's the de la pazes' word vs. theirs.

and still, even if mr. de la paz is a jackass and evil himself, i'd say the burden of proof is on mayor pangandaman as he has moral ascendancy as an elected official.

i'd like to hear from the mayor himself.

the philippine daily idiot said...

This has nothing to do with being a Moslem. But most Pinoys are Islamo-phobic. In that regard, the most practical way to approach Islamo-phobia is not to stoop down to the level of the Islamo-phobic.

Mayor Pangandaman's case is worse. Whether he is a Moslem or a Christian, he is an elected official, the son of the DAR secretary!!! I must be dumb. Then it gets really, really worse, the fight involved a kid and an old man.

-- over a game of golf, a decent man's game!

Worse, worse, worse.

Hey, I'm happy that there are quite a number of Moslem Filipino bloggers.

Unknown said...

GAGO din pala itong blogger na ito! Nandoon ka ba? Wala ka naman doon! Legal counsel ka ba? Balikan mo nga ulit yang sinasabi mo, tingnan mong mabuti kung may sense yang pinagsasabi mo? What you just written here has no consistency. Just think and think hard, ponder on the circumstances: a 56 yr old man with graying hair and a 14 yr old boy (a small boy at that) starting a fight with an able-bodied mayor and armed body guards?? I mean where is the logic here? It is VERY obvious this was a case of ABUSE. Syempre, mayor sya at feeling untouchable. Alam mo naman sa pinas, kapag government official ka o employee (kahit nga driver ng truck ng basura na merong "Office of the Mayor" na nakatatak sa truck ng basura) akala mo kung sino ka na. Akala mo wala ka nang kamatayan. It doesnt take an intelligent person to figure out who is telling the truth, whose statement is consistent. Lalo na mga Moro--kung umasta akala mo kanila ang mundo. Mayor Pangandaman TOTALLY FORGOT that he was in Luzon, totally outside his influence and jurisdiction. Kung sa Lanao kaya nilang takutin ang kapwa nila moro, hindi dito sa Luzon, hindi sa Antipolo. This is not just an issue about golf etiquette, this is clearly an issue of abuse. This is a trademark in the philippines I dare say. This is nothing new. What is new however is how an ordinary citizen like Dela Paz would rise up and make a stand against a stinking tradition in philippine politics. Ngayon may mga death threat ang mga Dela Paz. Pag may masamang nangyari sa kanila, kailangan pa ba nating manghula kung sino ang salarin?

Unknown said...

for me its not a case of religion or pera.. kasi both of them have that.

Its more of character. Who, between the two parties has a good character. And from the looks of it.. according to news and opinions... mas ok ang mga dela paz. PR problem for pangandamans.

Also, why did it took long for the pangandamans to air their side? To give their details?

You can't blame the people for taking the side of the Dela paz's. Why? Kasi yun ang unang detalye na nakita nila eh.

Also, nasan si mayor? where is his side of the story?

Isa pa... sobra namang nabugbog yung mag ama... as public officials... mas maganda sa camera na sila ang nabugbog kesa sila ang nambugbog diba?

you see.. both sides may mali.. but ang tatatak sa isip ng tao... sino ba ang nasa pwesto? Sino ang mas nakasakit?

akala ko tahimik na laro ang golf. maingay din pala... may bugbugan pa.

Sarah Falcone said...

not a first person narrative, so minus points na agad

if nasser jr. would be blogging pwede ko pa icompare

marami pa ring butas yung kwento na yan e

in the first place, bakit walang pasa si nasser jr if he got beaten by a golf club? masakit yun! dapat may pasa sya if he got hit

Bai a Labi said...

desperateblogger, very well said. i agree with you. :)

"kaya mo kayang mag pa ka cool kung mura-murahin ka na at sundu-sundutin ng payong? "

joyceturtle said...

I heard the other side of the story sa radio, an interview with Noli De Castro. I still doubt their side of the story, and now, i also have doubts with Bambee's blog. But you see.. first, i never thought the issue of religion will be raised in this case. second, no matter how bad the dela pazes are, hindi pa rin dpat nangyre yung bugbugan.

The fact na nambugbog sila ng taong hindi naman sila kayang patayin ... totally wrong!

I see the point na siguro nga nauna maghamon ang mga de la paz, pero mali pa rin eh.

Anyway, this is just me speaking. If i were one of the de la pazes, i would definitely get nothing and gain nothing from this. Matatakot n ko actually ngayon. So I don't think bambee wrote her blog so that she would get the "publicity" so to speak. But, I am not one of them so yeah, just me speaking.

I just wish that the truth will prevail.

Savvy said...

I've read both posts and have read forum discussions on various sites. But how can one discount claims from golfers who saw the incident at VGCC, who are neither acquainted with the parties involved?

At least give the blog the benefit of the doubt. Just because she is retelling the incident doesn't mean that she's being selective of which parts should and shouldn't be on the blog. As hunnyjodi had stated, "on behalf of the Pangandamans." Bambee has her own blog already, does that mean the other party directly involved should start making one to defend his side of the story? I think that would just add heat to his already hot situation..

Lastly, the religion part she's mentioning must be pertaining to the hate comments the Pangandaman family and Muslims in general are getting. We're calling them names, but in doing so, who's being barbaric and uncouth?

Just my two cents.

Prankoys said...

I wish some people would stop trying to turn this into a race/religion issue. This has nothing to do with Islam, or where the Pangandamans hail from. The main issue is the degree of violence employed by the DAR secretary and his son, the mayor of Masiu, against another family, over a simple golf game.

If this story is indeed the truth, then there really is no need to drag race and religion into the picture.

Unfortunately, this story seriously comes off as incredible. It paints the Pangandamans as innocent, patient, non-confrontational, oh-so-humble and decent people, while the Dela Pazes are portrayed as evil, face-punching, umbrella-of-death-wielding warmongers whose women apparently have bear claws for hands. So this father-and-son duo, both politicians and both accustomed to throwing their weight around and getting their way, backed down from a confrontation with a bunch of irate golfers. Sure, and if you believe that, I have an entire pride of white Bengal tigers for sale...

It also omits the presence of the Pangandamans' armed bodyguards. Hopefully the writer isn't insulting the readers' intelligence by suggesting they had none. A government secretary and a mayor, both not in their home territory, gallivanting about without an escort? Please.

The fact that none of the Pangandamans have come forward to show the scars and bruises from the wounds they supposedly suffered further sheds doubt on this story. Seriously, if they were so injured as this story states, how hard would it be to show what wounds their assailants inflicted on them? The Dela Pazes did it within days of the incident, why can't they?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the Dela Paz family is completely innocent in this. They may very well have been as arrogant and full of themselves as the story suggests. Being rich and/or famous does that to people, and I find it completely believable that the Dela Paz family acted like the typical "upper-class" people in this country.

However, that does not excuse anyone, especially public "servants", to pummel them senseless.

Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, both families should be thrown in an arena to beat each other to death with golf clubs, baseball bats or whatever implements they feel like using. I hold no sympathy for people who are callous and and selfish enough to waste gratuitous amounts of money and resources to play golf while half the nation starves and suffers for their excesses.

x said...

well its good you have your side of the story. like i said before i hope the truth and justice will prevail... just a favor lets drop the christian-muslim angle.... for centuries wars and conflicts were based on this prejudice, does not do us any good, maybe its time we argue our rights as filipinos. rich, poor, christian, muslim, elite, masa etc... maybe we argue for what is correct and right. i dont mean only the author but everybody including those who make their comments... just focus on what is right and correct, leave the regional bias, religion, social status and position.
frankly i have a few problems in some points of your story although i agree in some but its not for me to judge... im sure both sides have their biases in their narration. its just a tragedy all this happened in a golf course...

Ron said...

Well written. In the first place, if you pass a player for you to occupy the next hole, as a courtesy you should inform and ask permission first. But lumalabas na walang paalam o permiso yung grupo ni Mayor. Kahit na nauna pa kayo sa listahan, meron ng naglalaro. Kaya either hintayin niyo silang matapos at huwag niyo silang unahan kasi nga pag mabagal kayo, maabala at maasar pa sila.

Please don't mention muslim as this is a very sensitive word to your brother and sisters in Islam. The famous line from muslims is this: "Your enemy is my enemy". It's very scary word. The small misunderstanding may spread into war like a wildfire. You don't want a depressed muslim brother blowing itself up in his belief that by doing so against non-believers will make his creator great.

Unknown said...

I'm a little skeptical. Feeling ko pareho lang kayo ng mga dela Paz na selective ang kinukuwento.

Weren't Hussein and Nasser Jr. shown on TV yesterday filing the countercharges? Huwag mo sabihing may unnatural miraculous healing powers siya kaya napakakinis ng neck and face niya at wala man lang marks ng SUPPOSED scratches ni Bambee sa kanya?

Prankoys said...

Keshia, kalahi daw nila si Wolverine tsaka Steven Seagal.

Now, about that pride of white Bengal tigers that I'm selling for cheap...

PinoyApache said...

ARROGANCE and IGNORANCE always go together. And they have a last name: PANGANDAMAN. Nice defense!

Unknown said...

ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES! Sa bansa natin, kapag ordinaryong mamamayan ka lang, WALA kang karapatan na pumalag sa mga taong may pwesto, mga taong may panunungkulan KAHIT NA TAMA KA O MALI MAN SILA. ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES do you see people who blatantly abuse their influence in society. This is not a case/issue of race being both parties are citizens of the philippines. This is not also an issue/case of religion since the cause of the brawl was not religion. This is a case/issue/matter of principle. The agrieved party (Dela Paz) stood up to the likes of the abusive Pangandamans. Kung hindi ba abusado ang mga muslim na ito, pamu-mukha ba nya "kung sino sya?" Para sabihing "Kilala mo ba ako?" porket mayor ka ng isang NAPAKALIIT at NAPAKA-INSIGNIFICANT na town sa Lanao, siga ka na?? Anong laban ng mga Dela Paz sa mga bodyguard mong may mga high-powered na armas? Anong laban ng isang matanda at bata sa inyo? Kung sa lakas at impluwensya, wala silang ibubuga sa mga Pangandaman pero kung principle ang pag-uusapan, walang binatbat ang mga Pangandaman. Kahit yung tatay nilang DAR secretary, ungas din. Tapos sasabihin nyang apektado ang pamilya nya sa mga nangyari? Aba dapat lang! Kung hindi ba naman kayo isang libo't isang mga BOBO dapat lang na maapektuhan ang pamilya nyo sa karumal dumal na ginawa nyo! In plain words, ang kakapal ng mga mukha nyo! Sec. pangandaman, kung may natitira ka pang konting delicadesa, kung may natitira ka pang konting hiya (pero sa palagay ko ay WALA), dapat mag resign ka na sa pwesto mo. Pero syempre, KAPIT ka ng PINAKA-CORRUPT na gobyerno sa buong mundo, hindi ka nga bibitaw sa pwesto mo. PAKAPALAN NA LANG NG MUKHA YAN and USUALLY, sa experience ko lang, TALAGANG MAKAKAPAL ANG MUKHA NG MGA MUSLIM. Tingnan nyo na lang sa Quiapo at sa Greenhills. Nasa dugo nila yan.

Unknown said...

Clash of ego ang nangyari.. isang mayaman at isang politico…. pang maykaya lang ang golf e di ba… status symbol…. pati anak ni dela paz e naglalaro… gentleman’s game daw ang golf…PWE! ang asal ng mga yan e hoodlum…pare-pareho kayo.
imbes na pairalin ang pasensya at tumawag ng marshall... sportman ba
ang mga yan? binaboy lang ang spirit of golf...

yang mga pulitikong mga yan, ang yayabang pati mga bodyguards… e sineswelduhan lang naman ng taumbayan…akala mo na kung sino.. idamay niyo pa yang mga pulis, militar, konsehal at pati hamak na barangay tanod…
Kaya lang kung iisipin, yang mga dela Paz e mayaman din kasi(kaya afford maggolf)…tinamaan ang mga ego sa paglalaro ng golf due to violation of rules… away ng mga mayayabang at may ere…nagpa-awa effect din na kesyo matanda na yung tatay… tapos yung anak e may hangin din sa ulo..nakikita naman sa pagsasalita e.. paingles-ingles...

gaya sa badminton sa corporate, daming mayabang din(gaya ng duktor na ulol na naglalaro sa centro-inihian ko sasakyan mo gago!) at ngayon lang yata nakapaglaro ng competitive game… hindi nakakaintindi ng pagkatalo or sportsmanship…mga PWE!!!

Ely said...

At the end of the day, sabi nga ni Korina Sanchez, "Sino ba ang duguan? Sino ba ang nambugbog ng minor?"

Kung matino kang tao na may pinag-aralan, at sigawan ka o murahin ka ng isang 14 years old, bubugbugin mo na ba ito?

Anonymous said...

If you're telling the truth, then it's Bambee's bad not to tell some parts of the story.

However, despite of your story, it is still VERY CLEAR that Pangandamans abused the two dela Paz.

We're not blind. We could see the pictures.

And like one of the comments here said, "Why did it take too long before you produce your own side?".

Mmmm.. Oh well, it's really hard to think of details that would seem to be true.

hunnyjodi said...

If you must know, I had to get the facts first, that's why I said I'm telling it on behalf of the Pangandamans. This was posted on the date it came out, tags were added later on thus the "late" post.

A brawl is a brawl. If you're in a middle of one, would you even bother asking the person's age if he's about to hit you in the face? Age is no longer an issue here. Given that Bino is 14, would you be able to tell how old he is if you see him for the first time considering his height and build? If you see me, would you be able to tell how old I am? What about Mr Dela Paz? He's far older than Nasser Jr. Are you saying it was OK for him to hit just anyone because of his age? What happened was unfortunate, and that cannot be undone.

Now that Valley has come out with its results to the investigation, do you say you doubt their findings? As one golfer has said (he's a columnist on one of the broadsheets and a member of VGCC), the people on the BOD of VGCC have impeccable reputations, being past presidents and members of Valley. No amount of money or influence can sway them to favor one over the other.

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